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Welcome to the age of the digital land rush, where investors, brands and presumably very wealthy individuals have set their sights on owning virtual land in the metaverse.

The virtual land market in the “big four” metaverses topped €440 million in 2021, and that figure is projected to double in 2022.


True Equity to the Metaverse - Have a Part of The ISLAND, here and now!

Current land sale record holder sold a plot of land for €3.8 million in a single transaction last December.

Passive Income + Strongest Voting Rights + Solid, Highly Limited, Exclusive & One Time Issued LAND Parts of The ISLAND

LAND NFTs may represent actual Certificate of Ownership on The ISLAND which grants owners direct and strong power on The ISLAND DAO. In addition, just as real land owners benefit from the activity on their land, The ISLAND LAND owners will be able to stake their NFTs and profit from activities and other kinds of resources, too.

These parcels as NFTs are the Building blocks of The ISLAND
Only limited with 5000 Pieces

Each land comes with a territory trait which has an effect on its value and use.

Each LAND NFT has a valuable crystal, mineral or stone on it that enhances its rarity, strength and also increases its interest rates and second hand value.

LAND NFTs have special kinds of Trees on them for later use on The ISLAND. Each tree, depending on its type generates passive income at different rates.

EACH LAND also has a Special Character from The BLACK FOREST ( BLACK FOREST ) that renders BNB Rewards for the depicted character.


Each LAND NFT has a BURN VALUE ranging from 1000 to 5 000 L´ile / $ISLAND. This means, when you send any Land NFT to our BURN Address 1000 to 5 000 L´ile / $ISLAND will be refunded back to your wallet!

LAND differs in sizes (1x1 to 3x3) with different multiplier effects (x1.1 to x1.5) for Staking Rewards.

All LAND NFTs also carry different "types" of Territory Marks i.e. Industrial, Residential and Commercial. Just like real land, the type of LAND NFT purchased is important as each type boasts different values.

Prices during minting phase of LAND NFTs will go higher with time and much higher in secondary markets with subsequent updates and developemental upgrades on The ISLAND:

Mint NOW:

* First 250 will be ONLY 0.05 ETH – Regular Price 0.5 ETH

On Ethereum, Max per Mint 10, Max per Wallet 50

As The ISLAND grows, so too will your LAND NFTs value, options and profits

Expansion of The ISLAND DAO furnishes investors with robust access to power and future vital decision making, not to mention affluent authoritative rights within its metaverse community that presents you with the opportunity of a lifetime.

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